Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Weekly Wanderings


I live in a very small city, so once you've lived there for a while you tend to have experienced most of what it has to offer. However, every now and then I do come across a little place that has somehow snuck by me and it's always lovely to find somewhere you haven't been before!

This particular shop is a small, independent home decor and fashion store, called Nichols & Co. I was walking around town with my boyfriend and we were on the hunt for some more furnishings for the flat and I had actually walked past this shop a few times but I'd never really thought to go have a look, but I was clearly feeling pretty adventurous on this day, and I'm so glad I went inside.

Nichols & Co is situated in a wonderful little building, spread out over three quaint floors. Each floor has its own distinct section of the shop; the ground floor being the small ornaments and candles, the first floor hosting the shop's clothing, and the second floor is a wonderland of homeware. As I walked up the old, crickety staircase to each floor I got more and more excited and could not stop staring at the white painted wood flooring. White wood flooring, guys. 

The balance of homely wood, calming plants and candles and vintage upholstery made my body jig inside. Ask my boyfriend, I did make him wait while I took pictures of everything, afterall. You know, for posterity and all.

Not only do they stock the most beautiful homeware, the shop also hosts paint courses which I thought was a great idea! From what I could gather, they basically teach you how to paint wall and up-cycle old furniture. Amazing! They also have a website which you can check out if you'd like to have a nosey at some of their fantastic pieces!

I do love a good weekend discovery!

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