Sunday, 9 August 2015

Weekly Wanderings


So I had some time off work last week and I did what anyone with time off work does best: wander aimlessly around looking for something to do. I feel like when I have time to myself these days I have no idea how to spend it. The first thing on my agenda though is to get out of the house. I really can't stand being stuck inside, even if I have no plans I love to be outside where I can always discover new things and find things to do!

One store I fell in love with was this independent homeware shop called Arbol House. It's like walking into homeware heaven; I pretty much want everything in there. It's full of weird and eclectic furnishings like bugs in glass boxes, circuits lights, phrenology heads and palmistry hands, as well as a collection of quirky spins on contemporary classics such as marble coasters, typology wall prints, wire baskets, geometric candle holders and industrial light fittings. Essentially, it's a layered cake balancing contemporary, quirky and vintage on three separate layers with lavish trimmings of copper for decoration.

I love to support local business anyway, so when I get to come across a beauty like this I think I find it a little too easy to support them.

If you're ever in the Chester area, I suggest visiting the store! You can also visit their website where they have an awesome selection!

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