Friday, 22 May 2015


Hello !

Fridaygram is back! A little snippet of all the things I get up to over on my Instagram (you should totally go and follow me!)

1. I went to Manchester for the day with my boyfriend and we went to the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) and he also dragged me to the National Football Museum later on which was not so fun! We went to the MOSI restaurant for lunch and I had such a yummy salad with a tomato and cheese tartlet, pasta salad, couscous and well, basically in the salad bar and it was heavennnnn.

2. I love me some fresh flowers! My boyfriend picked these up for me the other day cause I was stressing cause of uni work - how sweet!

3. New candle! Again, a little gift from the boyf (he's doing well this month, isn't he?!) I absolutely hate it when we run out of candles cause I'm just so paranoid my house smells so it was great to have one back!

4. I'm currently doing this thing where I try a different granola every time its on offer in a supermarket. I might start doing a post series about it so I won't talk too much about it now, but this is the Tesco Finest Red Berry granola!

5. A little outfit of the day and a very casual one at that as I've been spending all my time at the library these past few months! No fun!

6. I was being classic Natalie and I left another assignment till the night before the deadline, so I had to go to Tesco Express on the way home from work and stock up on artificial energy for the night ahead. I did get it done though! Go me!

7. I went and caught a stupid cold a week before an exam and my dissertation deadline so I'm really not happy! I spent the day in bed doing my work here. I've now managed to migrate slightly from the bed to the desk, so I'm getting slightly better.

8. My last outfit post!

9. Another outfit of the day for yesterday when I travelled back home for the day to visit my family!

How has your week been so far?!!

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