Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Yet again, Univeristy and work have gotten in the way of my blogging and it's been 100% driving me mad lately. Honestly, this is my little respite from all the stress of balancing the final year of your degree and working life and it's a nightmare when it slips away.

Anyway, I've really been starting to feel the festive spirit of things (yes, my tree is already up) and it's not helped by the fact my local Christmas market has just opened for this year! I went and had a look round the other day and it's a lot better than it has been in previous years. It's grown a lot more now, and there's a much more festive atmosphere surrounding it, and a wonderful range of stalls.

There were so many cute craft stalls!

And food (fudge, HEAVEN, nghhhh)

This was a new addition to the market and it was a load of handmade outdoor Christmas decorations. They were all made out of wood or twigs and were a modern twist on the traditional Christmas decoration. I absolutely loved them. If I had a garden...

There was a baby and a mummy reindeer ahhhmygod it's too cute (and I'm a bit strange)

I think local Christmas markets are a great way for local business who perhaps don't own properties in the city centre, or aren't particularly big, to get themselves known and it's also an absolutely lovely activity to do on a day out. Handcrafted accessories make great Christmas presents and we even had some amazing stalls selling homemade bath bombs which was fantastic - but I forgot to take pictures!

What do you think of local markets? I've heard amazing things about the Manchester Christmas market and really need to get my butt down there!

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