Friday, 19 September 2014

Guide To: Uni Stationery


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I know I'm crazy late to the uni party but I have to do my obligatory 'welcome to university, freshers' post and this time I'm going to guide you on the best kind of stationery to buy!

Here, I've picked out my favourite (ahem, cutest) pieces if you wanted to spice up your grim lectures and study sessions in the library. Of course, you can find cheaper, plainer alternatives in any good store such as Tesco, Wilkos, Ryman etc. Despite some of these being overtly aesthetic, the idea behind them is honest! 

Here's a list of some of my essential uni stationery items:
  • Sticky notes: When you're making notes in tons of library books for essay, you'll want to colour code your categories/highlight certain pages to make it a ton easier.
  • Fine Liners: I find these help a great deal when writing up lecture notes or your own revision sheets as it allows you to highlight different topics in different colours which helps to remember things better and keeps your points separate, making it easier to organise essay writing!
  • Hole Punch/Stapler: if your lecturers are anything like mine were, you're gonna get a ton of paper in lectures. I found the easiest way to deal with this was to hole punch/staple them straight away and stick them in my folder. This keeps your folder organised when it comes to revision and stops you from losing things.
  • Ring Binder/Lever Arch File: As with any kind of studying/work related things, you'll need a folder to put your work in. This can be anything from documents given to you in class to your own notes, but try to keep them all in one place as this will be vital in helping your stay organised later when it comes to revision. 
  • A Diary: Diaries become really important at uni. It's an easy way to see what times your lectures are and to keep note of your work schedule (if you have a job as well) or any added seminars/meetings with your personal tutor/training or times of any socials or sports you join. Most people have quite a bit going on while at university to it's really helpful to keep a diary.
  • Notebook: Having a little handbag notebook is incredibly handy at university. You can scribble notes down in lectures and look back over them in the library/when you're studying or you can keep a quick note of anything your lecturers might tell you during a lecture.
  • Desk Organisation: Having boxes to store loose papers in around your desk is really helpful. Not only will you have a ton of work to do at university but you'll most likely encounter a lot more of that scary 'grown up' stuff and you'll have to keep your letter and information on paying bills, rent, your bank statements and your council tax exemption certificate, and even any letters you receive from university somewhere safe, neat and tidy, so desk organisation is a must! 
Of course, this is all that's worked for me. It might be different for you but all of these items have been at my side throughout every year of uni!

Hope this helped, and good luck guys!

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