Monday, 18 August 2014

The £20 Duster Coat


 Black and White Duster Coat - Primark | Khaki V-Neck Tee - H&M 
Black Jeggings - H&M | Black Ankle Boots - New Look

How amazing is this duster coat?! And can you believe it's from Primark?! I popped in to get my essentials and as I walked past the pattern immediately caught my eye. The quality of the coat isn't great, I have to say, but for £20 what do you expect? The pattern is extremely vibrant though and the polyester fabric makes it incredibly soft to touch, and it's machine washable. It's safe to say at £20 this was a lovely little surprise and a welcomed addition to the coat section of my wardrobe.

What do you guys think of the coat?


  1. beautiful ankle boots and that coat..oh that coat is really amazing!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. cute outfit! love the coat and boots xx

    1. Thank you baba! I love wearing boots again, love a/w!

  3. lovely outfit, the booties are gorgeous! x

  4. so cute!

    xo from LA