Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sunday Inspiration: The Little Magpie

Hey there!

So what do we like to do more on a lazy Sunday than lie on the sofa in the morning and wake up slowly with a cup of tea and our favourite bloggers? Well, I would if I didn't work every Sunday

This week, I want to talk about fashion blogger Amy from The Little Magpie. I honestly can't sing this girl's praises enough as a fashion blogger. Every single post is on trend, sharp and to the point. Think of her style as the love child between Reiss and Topshop: elegant, simple but definitely rocking a big chunk of attitude. I don't think I've ever been disappointed by one of her outfit posts and I definitely use her blog as a go-to guide for some inspiration when I'm having a bad clothes day!

If you prefer a more interactive relationship with your favourite bloggers then you're in luck because The Little Magpie also has a YouTube channel so you never have to miss the latest updates!

If you haven't already (and I really have no idea what you wouldn't have) go and check her out and give her a follow!


  1. i absolutelylove HER STYLE, she is incredible!

  2. amazing inspiration! she has such a nice style. love it! XOXO
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