Friday, 8 August 2014

Catch Up!


I'm baaackkkk!! Well, kind of.

As you might now if you follow me on Instagram, I've just moved into my first flat with my boyfriend and whilst it's all perfect and lovely and I'm very happy here, there's one thing driving me up the wall. Our wifi is completely bust. I've had an absolute nightmare trying to sort it out and unfortunately it's still not been sorted. However, I've managed to connect very briefly so I'm rushing to get a blog post done (see how much I love you guys?)!

So basically I've had an absolute mad-hectic few weeks and I've barely had the time to eat, let alone blog, which has killed me slightly inside, I'm not gonna lie. So I've been a little indisposed. Even as we speak, there are a group of builders drilling holes into the outside wall of the living room directly opposite my desk, so I'm twitching a little right now. So I better start filling you in on what I've been doing before I throw my computer out the window.

My friend had her 21st birthday party the other week, and it was fantastic. It was just a lovely, casual little house party on a gorgeous summer's day and it was loads of fun! She decorated the house in a lovely tea-party theme and it worked so well!

I loved these Teapigs tea bags for the non-drinkers and the 
Dr. Stuart's Liver Detox tea bags. We definitely needed them the next day!

How cute are these 'Happy Birthday' paper straws from Paperchase?!

 It was a very sweet event and the last time we pretty much spent time together as housemates so it was was a nice send off before we all moved out.

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