Friday, 4 July 2014



1. I wrote a list of house rules to inspire positivity in my home! Go to my instagram to read them a bit clearer!
2. Another cheeky selfy!
3. Some new bits for the flat. I finally get to move in in less than a month! I am sooooooo excited!!!
4. Went for a nice dinner the other night with the housemates at the Slug and Lettuce, and had a few cheeky 2-4-1 cocktails!
5. Started buying fruit from the local grocers instead of supermarkets to support local business, and it actually ends up being a lot cheaper. Also finally considering integrating kale into my smoothies so I'm gonna have a look at some recipes for this!
6. I bought a few bits in town the other day including a new muslin cloth from The Body Shop and I had a look in the sale at L'Occitane and bought my sister a little bottle of their body wash for £2.50!
7. 'Do ur squats eat ur vegetables wear red lipstick dont let boys be meant to u.' A mantra I'm 100% teaching my children (and myself)!
8. A new outfit post on here!
9. Love seeing the new Company out on the shelves!

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