Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mini Haul!


So I got paid the other day and seeing as I haven't actually bought any new clothes for a few months, I thought I'd treat myself a bit! I also went home back to Wales for the day last week and went to some of the shops with my sister and I'll tell you what, they have so many more bargains and offers on in a small Welsh town than in a little city like Chester haha!

Here's what I bought last week!


I thought I'd treat myself with a bit of summer wear, since my summer wardrobe is practically defunct right now. I picked up these lovely little crop tops for only £1.99 each! And this adorable daisy print skirt was also a bargain at just £5.99!


Since I've damaged my hair really badly with heat for the past two years, I decided to make some changes. I've been in need of some hair products recently to reduce the amount of time I have to have the straightener and curlers on my hair so I picked up the two L'oreal Studioline products (on offer for 2 for £4!) on the suggestion from my sister. I've yet to try the #TXT spray yet, but I have tried the Hot & Smooth curling spray and I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed. I don't know if the spray is designed for people with long hair, but my hair is medium-short (shoulder length) and really thick, so while easy to curl, the spray doesn't really help hold the curls in place and they fall out within an hour of me using it. 

Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can curl my hair without/with less heat? I've tried rollers, curling brushes and styling pastes and I'm getting pretty tired of spending money on them and nothing working to be honest.

So a few months ago I received the Soap & Glory eyeliner off my mum as a gift, and its fair to say that it pretty much changed my mind on eyeliners forever. I've used the Rimmel basic kohl pencil eyeliner since I started wearing eyeliner in year 8 (so for about 7/8 years)! I was seriously stuck in my ways and just didn't bother changing once. However, after trying out the S&G liner, my eyes were opened to a much darker, longer-lasting pencil which I previously believed was only achievable in liquid eyeliners (which I cannot use by the way - hello, face art). Unfortunately, the S&G liner was slightly out of my price range when it came to buying my own, so I picked up this Maybelline Master Drama pencil. 

The Master Drama is really good quality for its price (just £4.49). It's very black and needs topping up probably only once a day. The only slightly off thing I will say about this eyeliner is that in order to get the thin, neat line I was along my eyelid I have to sharpen it very often due to the creamy nature of the liner (it can spread and smudge relatively easily if it's not sharpened to a point). This means I do go through it quite quickly. However, it lasted me about 3-4 weeks and for £4.49 you can't really complain, so I did buy this product for a second time. 

I was also feeling a bit experimental on the day and thought I would pick up a new nail varnish colour. My usual colours, like my clothes, are usually black or a wine colour. I've wanted to try some more neutral and pastel colours for a while now and so I decided on this more nude purplely colour from the Matte Nail Paint range by Barry M. It took me a few days to get used to it but I've warmed to the shade a lot now and really like it!

Have you guys bought anything new recently? 

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