Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Inspiration - The Lovecats Inc

Hello all!

I'm having such an incredibly lazy day today. I went to the library to get some uni work done and lasted all of an hour before heading home and throwing my sweatpants back on. Since I'm having a lovely duvet day, I've also been browsing some lovely blogs to recommend for you all, and have finally chosen this weeks':

The Lovecats Inc, run by the gorgeous Helen, covers an attention-gripping range of posts, including beauty, health, lifestyle and outfit posts! Covering such a wide variety of topics, her blog never finds a dull read. She provides detailed recommendations of beauty products and health blogs, as well as providing various tips and tricks for her readers!

Not only does she manage to switch up her blog between content posts and outfit compilations, she does so incredibly effortlessly! Her personal style is laid-back and simple but so on-trend it makes me painfully ever so slightly jealous!

Go check her out if you have the chance. It's definitely worth the time!

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  1. beautiful outfits! you have a really nice style and i love your hair!

    london, music, fashion, lifestyle

  2. ha just realized it's not you on the pictures - ya i should read first ^^ but still love her style! (:

    1. Haha don't worry - I adore her style!