Sunday, 9 March 2014

London Trip: Packing!

Hi guys!

First of all, I'm really sorry for the lack of posts this week! I have been so snowed under with uni work and other things, and I'm unfortunately gonna be this busy until mid-April now due to the tons of university work but I'm gonna try and keep on top of it all!

Secondly, I'm 21 tomorrowwwww!
My absolutely amazing boyfriend surprised me a few weeks back with a trip to London for my 21st and we're setting off tomorrow. Shamefully, since we're both from the same place back home in Wales we're somewhat country bumpkins and it will be both of our first times in London so I'm soooo excited!

I'm one of these freaks who actually really enjoys packing, so I've been having an awesome time today getting everything together. Packing can be a really stressful thing but I manage to find the most fun in doing it by sticking some (really) loud tunes and making a load of lists (yes, I'm on of those people). So I thought I'd talk you guys through what I've packed for my mini break!

The Journey

Obviously because we're getting the train down, the journey is going to be uber long so I need to keep myself entertained! I'll be stocking up on magazines, and taking a good book with me (yes, it's a medieval book. For recreational reading. Chosen by me. I'M WEIRD OKAY). I'm also going to take my notepad along with me so I can make notes on what I'm reading and any little anecdotes that pop into my head, and maybe a few mean notes to my boyfriend on the journey...

I'm also obviously going to have my iPhone and earphones in, since I've got to amuse myself when I can't focus on my book due to some baby screaming down my ear, or some couple shouting at each other. Oh, British public transport, how I love thee.

The Skincare

Unfortunately for me, I suffer from dry skin meaning I can't not moisturise during and after a shower. Because of this, even when I'm only going away for 4 days, I have to carry with me moisturising shower gel, body butter, and foot and face moisturiser. These nifty little Soap and Glory travel bottles are absolutely ideal for this. My mum also bought me the lovely travel Soap and Glory shampoo and conditioner especially for my trip down!

As well as looking after my body, I have to make sure my face is constantly cared for. This means I have to carry make up wipes, moisturiser (I use a hand moisturiser for my face from Home Bargains because it works amazingly well for something so cheap) and toner. Unfortunately, I didn't want to carry a pot of honey with me so I'm leaving that part of my skincare back in Chester for the duration of my trip (the makeup wipes are going to have to be used for my face as well as my eyes here).

I'm also really particular about putting my foundation on in the mornings and how it blends into my skin tone. Due to this, I have to carry this little mirror around with me so that I can sit in front of the window to get the most natural light possible onto my face in order to blend the foundation into my skin properly - let's just hope I don't break it!

Finally, you've gotta have your teeth looking great! I picked this adorable little mouthwash up in Primark today because it was only £1 and a hell of a lot easier to carry around than a gigantic bottle!

The Haircare

I don't feel human without my hair looking nice - especially in London! So I have to obviously take my hair products with me! I am ashamedly one of these people who fail to do anything but abuse their hair with heat (don't worry - I'm intending on remedying this soon with a lot more styling products) and as a result, I rely a lot on my straighteners and hairspray.

I've also got to ensure I have some dry shampoo with me just in case I get up accidentally late and haven't got time to wash my hair (though you don't need me to explain this when pretty much every girl on this planet relies on this bad boy to function). I didn't manage to pick up any travel hairspray or dry shampoo but mainly because I'm super poor at the minute and I'm trying to save as much money to spend while I'm in London instead!

The Undergarments

Worst nightmare scenario: going away and realising when you've arrived that you've forgotten your underwear. Well, at least this is an absolute nightmare to me anyway (hello, OCD!). I panic incessantly about forgetting important things - hence why my phone charger is always the top of my packing list - and I therefore make it a big priority that not only do I actually have my underwear, but that I pack more underwear than required just in case. So I'm a little neurotic, sue me.

Also, thanks to some supposed stroke of ridiculously amazing luck (I'm still convinced someone somewhere's having me on) the weather for this week is actually going to be sunny! Sunny?! Yes, in March! And not a stroke of rain in sight! I'm not ashamed to say I ran straight to Primark for some pop socks so I can wear my pumps with bare legs, as well as some skin-coloured tights (I'm not that hopeful). Fingers crossed!

Have I missed anything out?! Do you have any packing tips?


  1. Hope you have a lovely time! And a very happy birthday! :)