Saturday, 15 March 2014

21st Birthday Celebrations!


So it was my 21st birthday on Monday and I have to say I've had one of the best birthdays yet! I visited home a few days early, over the weekend and was greeted by the lovely surprise of a little party for me at home as well as being totally spoiled.

My family is so cute!

You've gotta have a complementary milestone gift!

Some wonderful gifts (I can never, ever have too much dry shampoo)! And a lovely bit of Peep Show to make me giggle.

And, of course, a celebration involving me and my family wouldn't be right unless I received Soap and Glory!

My wonderful mum picked up these travel essentials for me for my trip to London! 

This amazing make-up collection from S&G contains so many beautiful items! I cannot wait to try it all out!

And finally my adorable niece made me this 'birthday cake' in school haha! It's so insanely cute! 

I also got a ton of money which I appreciate so, so much!

I had an absolutely wonderful time at home and can't wait to go back. As you guys know, I also spent a few days down in London with my boyfriend and a blog post will shortly follow with our antics there!

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