Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day Mood Boards

Hi guys!

It's Valentine's Day on Fridayyyyy! Even if you're not a huge fan of the day, it is always an excuse to get dressed up and look pretty - and don't think you have to be all loved-up to look done-up! I've put together two boards for you guys to incorporate those spending the holiday with their other halves, and those spending it with friends! Plus, because I'm extra good to you guys, I've also compiled a mood board for those who are choosing to stay in and ignore the whole shazzam. (Note: Any copyrighted images featured on the mood boards not linked are from and are not mine).

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Going out for Valentine's with your other half, or maybe someone's taking you for a romantic first date? This night is when all the old fashioned ideas of love and romance return momentarily. You will be courted, dined and spoiled - and make the most of it because (trust me) it only comes once a year! To me, sharing this day and night with your partner is about simplicity. I have chosen a range of pretty basic pieces with added feminine twists such as lace or pleats, allowing you to embrace your inner sweetheart while also reducing any unnecessary distractions from the events ahead, such as gazing into each other's eyes all night long and falling hopelessly in love (I admit this may just be my fantasy).

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Off for a meal or a few drinks with the ladies in order to celebrate the amazing, true lovers in your life? This night is all about fun! You're off out with your best friends to forget about the world and embrace the ridiculous things you get up to together! Due to this, I have chosen a load of pretty pastels, pvc and frills. Playsuits are the ultimate party wear for a girl as you can not only look as cute as Dot from the Looney Tunes but it's also foolproof crotch-coverage for any potential embarrassing fallings over.

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If you're spending valentine's in your own awesome company, then you should be spoiling yourself rotten! You are the one person who will be there for you no matter what. You've come this far in your life without a lover, and you know what? You're doing freaking awesome! So whack out a few candles, get some yummy food, maybe read and book or get a looonggg bath - it's up to you! Whatever makes you happy, do it because you need to celebrate your existence, girl!

What are you guys all up to for Valentine's Day? Are you celebrating it or not?


  1. Fab post! :) I've just made my first YouTube video with a Valentines Date Tutorial theme! It's on my blog if you'd like to check it out! (:

    New follower! :)

    Kelly x