Sunday, 2 February 2014

Outfit Post - The Neon Orange

Hi guys!

Outfit post for you today instead of my Sunday Inspo since I'm useless and haven't done the one I was supposed to do in time, and I'm off out tonight so you'll have to get it tomorrow, sorry!

Neon Top - Miss Selfridge, High-Waisted Checked Shorts - Miss Selfridge
Gold Panel Belt - River Island, Black Strap Heels - New Look

The sun was shining today so I thought I'd show you guys this bold neon orange top! I did the terribly rookie shopper act here and walked into Miss Selfridge and spotted the top and the shorts practically next to each other though they'd make an absolutely lovely outfit for drinks or clubbing or something similar!

I'ts very unlike me to  choose a bright piece but I thought this really made a lovely statement with the plainess of the rest of the outfit. It certainly ties in with the checked pattern on the shorts and creates a really cutesy outfit!

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Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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