Friday, 28 February 2014



I really haven't been up to much this past week cause I've not only been feeling a bit run down but I've got a ton of uni work to be getting on with. March is deadline-central for me so prepare to hear me moan!

1. Outfit post over on my blog with my new gingham roll neck dress!
2. A lovely message I regrammed!
3. A bit of motivation for you all!
4. Beautiful, beautiful boots from River Island I featured on my outfit post.
5. A lovely little sewing kit I spotted in town that I'm totally buying for my flat!
6. A dress I'm selling over on my ebay - have a look, I'm selling more things!
7. Andy from MIC... perfection.
8. I'm having major leather jacket cravings at the minute cause I'm in depserate need of a new one. This one's from The Evil Twin Label and I love it!
9. A new jumper I picked up from Primark (it was reduced to £5, it's okay!!)

What have you guys been up to this week?

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  1. The gingham dress really suits you.You look stunning xxxxx