Saturday, 15 February 2014

Delayed Fridaygram - Valentine's Day!

Hello, hello!

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday but I was super busy. I hope those celebrating it had a wonderful Valentine's Day, and those who don't, just a wonderful day!

1. OOTD - White blazer: Primark, Khaki Tee: H&M, Black Jeggings: River Island, Black Bag: H&M, Black Ankle Boots: New Look
2. Two new dresses I picked up! One if a gingham roll neck and the other's a blue gingham strap dress with lace detail - I LOVE them both so much and they were only £10 each!!
3. OOTD - The new gingham roll neck dress in action! Paired with my Primark white biker coat.
4. A beautiful coat in H&M I was lusting after!
5. A memory box and a memory book that me and my boyfriend bought so we can start collecting all our memories. We've already started filling them in and we're doing this awesome thing with the memory book on the back pages where we're keeping a Restaurant Review which is really fun!
6. Some adorable writing sets I saw in the book shop, The Works.
7. Me and the boyf out for food!
8. My abs progress!! Coming along fairly well, just need to get rid of my food podge on the bottom haha!
9. Facing the storm that was blowing away outside to go to the gym - committed!
10. My boyfriend bought me the coat for Valentine's Day! I was soooooo happy! I still haven't had a chance to wear it but I'll wear it round the house today if I have to haha!
11. The absolutely amazing dessert my boyfriend made me last night after cooking me a beautiful mushroom risotto #spoiled.
12. Last night, messing around with makeup tutorials on youtube and starting my fashion scrapbook!

How was your Valentine's Day?!

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  1. #8-that budge aint going nowhere it's a part of being a female, but hey you working hard at something you want! You're going to have a six pack soon! (: Keep working!
    ~Makaela at