Thursday, 20 February 2014

Changing Room Escapades

Hi guys!

I spend a hell of a lot of my time in town wandering round the shops lusting after beautiful clothes that I don't have enough money to buy. More often than not, I will go into the changing rooms and try them on to check the fit just in case someone magically puts a ton of money in my bank account and I can go back and buy them all! You'll all probably be surprised by the amount of time I actually spend doing this so I thought I would compile a few of my favourite outfits I have found on the high street at the minute! This week I visited H&M and Primark!

(Note: I unfortunately forgot to grab the prices of these items for your guys and I couldn't find the majority online, sorry!)

I fell in love with this little ensemble. The skirt is incredibly flowy and the grey detail goes so well with the jumper. I know the skirt looks incredibly short but this is the pitfall of having a teeny tiny waist and not being all that short; I have to buy XS in high waisted items to fit my waist, otherwise they just tend to fall down onto my hips, and that usually results in the skirt being shorter than it was designed for - so bare this in mind haha! 

Now this style isn't my usual way of dressing but I thought I'd give it a go - and the second I tried it on it grew on me massively! Teamed with the roll neck crop jumper, the dungarees rock a 90s-esque attitude but with a bit more sophistication - big fan! 

Now, you all know my questionable attitude towards Primark clothing but recently I've been able to go in and find a few shiny needles in the haystack of poor quality and bad fitted clothing, and this time I was very pleasantly surprised indeed!

Sporty?! Quilted?! Pastel?! What more could you want?! This outfit blew me away. I genuinely did not expect Primark to have something that would make me wanna buy it right there and then and never stop wearing it but this was it! I saw an outfit similar to this in French Connection not that long ago but this was a fraction of the price! The top was good quality, with a soft, slouchy feel to it while the pants were very lightweight and comfortable - perfect for S/S!

I have to admit, I walked past this skirt a few times not very impressed with the cut or the material (a sort of jersey style). However, I spotted this beautiful grey box tee and thought the two would look really good together.

Everyone loves £5 dresses, don't they?! This little number called out to me and I love it! It's very lightweight, so again, it's good for S/S and very comfortable! It flows really well at the bottom too so looks extremely feminine. The only downside to this dress was that the material, being very thing, stretched a bit too much over my breast area (and I don't have big boobs, trust me) and ended up being slightly see through.

What do you guys think? Have you found any good items on the high street recently?


  1. Those dungarees are so cute :D love the pieces you pulled out.

    Ruth xx

  2. Oh I loved everything, but my favorites were the overall dress and the cheetah print dress! You know what would be cute with the overall dress....a baby pink crop top underneath and floral boots. <33 ahahha I'm not helping the no money thing am I? Same problems here! (:
    ~Makaela at

    1. Haha, no - you're making me want to buy more with the ideas you're giving me haha! Thank you :)

      - Natalie x

  3. wow the H&M outfits are gorgeous!

  4. your so pretty, not sure if you'd been told this before but you look a little like silver from 90210 aha!
    LOVE the hm letters dress, amazing!

  5. I tried on the same skirt from H&M ! I love it and am glad others do too!

    Check out my blog