Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Inspiration: Adenorah

Hi guys!

So as my blog is slowly growing I'm also getting more ideas on what to post! One of the things I'm big on is having a weekly (or a few weekly posts) so that I'm also guaranteed to update for you all! Of course these need to be posts of quality with relevant and exciting content.

That's why I've decided to begin a Sunday Inspiration blog post, in which I recommend another fashion blog for you guys to follow! I already have a list of blogs in mind that I'm going to recommend for you guys and these blogs will range from the awesome, well-established ladies we already know and love to some small and up-and-coming blogs!

I hope these blogs will give you some of the mountains of inspiration that they give me!


Adenorah, an established Parisian fashion blogger, has provided me with one of my favourite go-to blogs since her premiere in 2009. Armed with both a BA in Economics and a Masters in International Marketing and Management, as well as working as Community Manager for a French fashion label and a freelance journalist, Anne-Laure is a 23 year-old sensation, providing one of the simplest and chicest blogs I've ever had the pleasure of viewing!

Not only does everything she styles just ooze the words 'effortlessly cool' (I mean, who manages to pull off a pair of Adidas' with a H&M trench coat?!) as she manages to look as comfortable as I feel in my gigantic sweatpants and boyfriend's t-shirts, she also exhibits one of the smartest wardrobes known to woman!

Oversized jumpers, asymmetric skirts, stilletos, leather ankle boots and longline winter coats all make an appearance in her outfits, and if that wasn't enough to reel you in, practically every outfit she masterfully pieces together is monochrome - what's not to love?!

I hope you guys love her as much as I do, and if my mini fangirling sesh didn't convince you, then her approx 19,000 fans and a karma of 212,656 over on her lookbook should speak for itself!

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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