Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Soap and Glory 'Eyes Box' Review

Hi guys!

So today I'm going to do something which I don't usually do and actually review some makeup! I've started becoming increasingly interested in my face and what I'm putting it through with all the foundation and other products I throw onto it on a daily basis. As such, I've recently been looking into natural skincare routines and makeup techniques in order to hopefully reduce the abuse of my skin (I will most likely do a post on my skincare routine soon, so keep an eye out!)

One thing I will always rely heavily on when it comes to making myself look half decent is my eyes. Also, as you guys will probably know, I am a huge Soap and Glory fan, so when I got the Eyes Box as a gift for Christmas, I was really excited to try it!

I'm going to talk through a few aspects of the Box inclduing the presentation, the Smoulder Kohl eyeliner and the Thick & Fast mascara. Unfortunately, I've yet to have a chance to try out the eyeshadow but I will cover this in a future post!

1. Presentation

The Box, presented in typical Soap and Glory style really is an adorable little gift for anyone interested in makeup. The inclusion of not only mascara and eyeliner, but also a lovely eyeshadow palette makes the Eyes Box useful for day and evening wear! S&G have also kindly added an applicator for the eyeshadow, making the box easily accessible and portable if you're travelling!

2. The Smoulder Kohl Eyeliner

So I've never used this eyeliner before, but it's probably important to note here that I do actually use kohl eyeliner all the time since I've just never got the hang of liquid. My usual eyeliner is Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner and there are certainly some improvements I've noticed in using the Smoulder Kohl pencil instead.

  • I felt the application of this eyeliner was a lot smoother than my usual choice. This is due to the really soft texture of the kohl which creates a very neat edge. 
  • However, due to the much softer nature of this eyeliner, I first made the mistake of pressing a bit too hard when applying it, as I usually do with the Rimmel kohl. This caused me to slip slightly on the eyelid and mess up the application. So make sure that if you use this product, you go easy on the pressure otherwise you'll miss out on the sharp edge. 
  • As simple as it sounds, a further positive of this product is how dark it is. I love dark eyes and there's nothing more frustrating than getting an eyeliner that should be black but turns out grey. The Smoulder Kohl is amazing for actually being black! 

3. The Thick & Fast Mascara

I have actually used this product before and wasn't particularly impressed the first time round. I am actually extremely lucky to have dark, long and thick eyelashes so finding the right mascara isn't a huge issue for me. However, what I found about this product the first time round was that it was a bit too clumpy for my liking.
  • Again, I found the mascara a bit too clumpy upon application.
  • This time though, I did happen to notice that the clumpiness wasn't as bad as I originally thought and the spread of the mascara on the eyelashes was actually fairly even. 
  • The mascara succeeded in not only thickening, but also lengthening the lashes. 
  • All in all, I thought this was a good product and at £10 when bought singularly it's not too overpriced either! 

 I hope you enjoyed the review guys! Do you use any S&G products?

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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