Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Shopping Haul!


So I had a mini work breakdown the other day and my answer to stress is to act like I'm a millionaire and spend a ton of money (which I incidentally don't have to spend)! So before I knew it, I had gone from popping into town to do a bit of studying in Costa to walking home, up to my neck in clothes.

Here's what I bought:


Zara was my first stop on my spontaneous spending spree because I walked past and there were big sales signs in the windows, so how could I not pop my head in?! I picked up this lovely cream knitted jumper for £9.99, the khaki Zara Basics croppes trousers for £7.99 and the grey, high-neck vest for £9.99, so everything was actually incredibly cheap!

New Look 

I've actually eyed this top up a good few times since it came in store and finally decided to get it. The pattern, the colours (or lack of) and the soft material all just sold it to me, and at £17.99 it's not the cheapest but it certainly is stunning!



So these were the two clothes items I picked up in Primark. The white biker coat I featured on my blog post yesterday for £25 and this gorgeous red asymmetric skort for just £10! This skort really surprised me from Primark because not only is it cut really well, but the fabric quality is surprisingly good too!

I also picked up a few necessary accessories. I needed some cotton pads for my new Thayers toner which arrived last week and I've needed a new nail file for a while now and when I spotted these adorable patterned ones, I couldn't resist. The wooly over-the-knee socks were a bit of a cheeky buy but I do love a good pair of over-the-knees so what can I say?

Fitness Jumble

Finally, I picked up a few things for the gym. I wear these basic cameos from New Look over a sports bra because they're light material, so easily breathable, and they're only £2.99 each. I needed some new headbands so I picked up this back of two for £1 from Primark, and the socks were £2 for 5 pairs. My headphones broke the other day so I was looking for a new pair anyway when I noticed that H&M were doing a sale on some of them, so I picked up a new every day pair for £4.99 and some specifically  for the gym (so I don't break my regular ones again haha) for £6.99.

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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