Friday, 3 January 2014

Fridays With Couttiepie: Fridaygram!

Hi guys!

Firstly, I'd like to say that I hope you all had a wonderful New Year! I had an absolutely perfect night with my boyfriend, we ate a load of shitty food and got an ickle bit tipsy and went for a walk in time for midnight to watch the fireworks near the river and it was one of the most soppy and romantic things ever in my life. (I didn't say that.) I'd also like to apologise for my awful posting this week! I'm going to use my timeless excuse of I've just transported my lovely self again! This time back to Chester so I've had a few busy days.

So even though there's only been one other post since this time last week, and although it is very late - I'm sorry! - here's my Fridaygram in which we catch up on all that's been happening over on my instagram in the past 7 days!

1. Some adorable Christmas tree cupcakes I baked with my sister, and which also featured on my Christmas post!
2. Again, me being poorly and making sure everyone knows about it so they can feel sorry for me haha.
3. The truckload of Soap and Glory products I got for Christmas! These included The Righteous Butter body butter, Clean on Me shower gel, Heel Genius foot moisturiser, Hand Food hand cream, Calm One Calm All bubbling bath soap, Scrub of Your Life and Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em body buffs, a few hair turbans and a few body polishers! Find all the products over on the amazing Soap and Glory website! or over on Boots!
4. A stunningly elegant, wine evening dress from New Look which I picked up in the sale! Find it online here.
5. Some cheeky self-promotion for my last post on my best picks in the Christmas sales!
6. More clothes arriving in the post!
7. A hilarious (if not slightly  harsh) bit of fitspo which made me die a little inside haha!
8. Having my daily mug of green tea (drunk through a straw of course, to stop it staining my teeth!)
9. A naughty little purchase from Ann Summers!

Much Love and Peace
& a Happy New Year!
Natalie xx

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