Thursday, 26 December 2013

Fridays With Couttiepie: Fridaygram

Hi guys!

So it's that time of the week again (already!) where I recap my week in pictures with what's been happening over on my instagram!

1. This was me not feeling very well and showcasing my amazing coping mechanism of bed, teddies and sleep haha!
2. Me and my sister being cheeky monkeys and writing naughty things in the pen tester section in Debenhams when we were Christmas shopping!
3. Getting excited because the present pile under the tree was really big just before Christmas!
4. Me being excited about having fresh fruit and greek yoghurt again!
5. Another picture of me and my baby nephew - only this time we're both wearing Christmas jumpers!
6. Christmas cupcakes me and my sister baked as little festive treats for the members of our family (featured in my last blog post). Everyone was really pleased with them!
7. The absolutely amazing pile of presents I got off my gorgeous boyfriend! I was so unbelievably spoilt by him and I adore everything he got me!
8. Watching Home Alone 2 on Christmas Day with the fam!
9. The pile of presents off my mummy and sister! Again, I freaking loved everything I was given and I have been well and truly spoiled this year by them too!

All in all, I had an absolutely amazing Christmas, definitely the best in a long time!

Much Love and Peace 
& a Merry Christmas!
Natalie xx

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