Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Couttiepie's Belated Christmas Post: #3 How I Wear The Christmas Jumper


First of all I just want to say a big Happy Christmas Eve to everyone! I hope everyone's super excited for tomorrow because I know I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really am! Secondly, I know I'm really naughty because I promised this outfit post yesterday but I ended up having a stupidly busy day and didn't get round to posting it, so here it is!

Outfit 1: The 'Visiting Home For Christmas' Look

Christmas Jumper - Primark, Black Jeggings - River Island, Black Boots - New Look 

So I actually have an unspoken rule about Christmas jumpers which is pretty contrary to this whole post actually, and that's that Christmas jumpers shouldn't be fashionable. What I mean is, they're bulky, they're tacky and they're ugly, but we love them anyway and it's for these reasons that we love them! So my personal favourite way to wear them is to basically just dress down and go cosey! Look like you're ready for winter, basically! Wearing a Christmas jumper with a pair of plain jeans and some winter boots not only makes the jumper stand out with all it's fluff, colours and gaudy design but it also allows you to pull off the 'I'm spending Christmas with the family so I don't care what I look like' look! Perfect!

Outfit 2: The 'I May Have to Leave the House' Look

Christmas Jumper - Primark, Black Skater Skirt - H&M, Black Chelsea Boots - F&F at Tesco

However, if I was to try and look slightly smarter in my Christmas jumper, I think teaming it with a basic skater skirt is the way to go. Pairing the two items together creates a cute wintery look, like I'm ready to go ice skating or have a few glasses of mulled wine down the pub! As in Outfit 1, wearing the jumper with plain colours/shades allows it to still stand as the centrepiece of the outfit and really brings out Christmassy feel to an otherwise everyday look! (I also gave you guys a derpy little outtake of me in the middle there to brighten up your day while you laugh at my face!)

How do you guys wear your Christmas jumper? Do you prefer to style it up or down?

Much Love and Peace
& a Merry Christmas!
Natalie xx

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