Sunday, 22 December 2013

Couttiepie's Belated Christmas Post: #2 Christmas Haul!


Today was intended to be an outfit post day but unfortunately I've been too busy to get any pictures taken so it will have to wait till tomorrow, sorry guys! But I finally finished my Christmas shopping today! I know I shouldn't have left it till so late but I finally got a bit of extra dolla just before Christmas so I went back to Chester for the day and went a bit insane with spending haha!

I got this awesome recycled wrapping paper from Paperchase! It's so, so pretty, don't you think?!

I loveeee this set of Bambi underwear! It's so, so cute!  
I can't say who it's for though in case they're having a nosey haha!  

Jake Bugg's album for my Daddy! I absolutely love Jake Bugg 

I popped into Hotel Chocolat cause my sister hadn't been in before.
 I absolutely love this shop and it's not too expensive either! 
I got this for my boyfriend's family cause I thought it was really cute and Christmassy!

I also popped into Cath Kidston and got something really lovely which 
goes really well with the other present I've bought for this person
 (Again, I can't specify what or who in case they read my blog!) 
They also offered to gift wrap it and I think it looks so cute!   

And finally, I just got this really festive gift bag so I can carry all my 
presents round to my boyfriend's house on Christmas Eve!

I also did a bit of cheeky shopping for myself, though luckily there was nothing I really liked in the sales everywhere - even in River Island! - so I ended up only picking up a few things from Primark and not spending too much!

Have you guys finished all your Christmas shopping?

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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