Thursday, 19 December 2013

Couttiepie's Belated Christmas: #1 What's On My Tree?

Hi guys!

So I realised that cause I've been a terrible blogger as of late, I have yet to do a post even slightly Christmas themed, which is just criminal this close to Christmas in my opinion and I am utterly ashamed, believe me! And seeing as I start preparing for Christmas pretty much as soon as Halloween is over, I've missed out on so much festive fun on my blog! So in order to remedy my utter laziness, I've decided to catch up on all the Christmassy topics I've missed out on from now until Christmas, starting today with What's On My Tree?

As you guys know, I've just headed home for the Christmas holidays and, I'm sure you will all agree, there is little that cements the Christmas season more than being at home. Whether it's your mum's row of particularly organised Christmas cards on the fireplace, or only being able to admire the tree from afar because god forbid you touch it or you will have a hand missing, or the stockpile of wrapping paper flowing out from every crevice of the house, there is nothing that gives you that warm feeling in your belly more than home.

The tree has been a centrepiece of the home around Christmastime since the Victorian period when Prince Albert and the Germans made bringing the forest into your home a fashion statement. Today, we all go crazy over how to decorate it: whether or not the tinsel is even, or the star is just slightly off centre, and my house is certainly is of no exception.

Everyone loves a good centrepiece around Christmas, and there's 
nothing that brings out the child in me more than a pile of presents under the tree!

We've always been about traditional decorations in our house 
and that tends to reflect on our tree too! 

I absolutely adore these old fashioned baubles that my mum has on the tree. I think they're so fancy! 

And I would be lying if I didn't say that one of my favourite 
decorations is the pine cone I decorated when I was in primary school 
(not least because my sister doesn't have one on there so I feel more important haha...)

For those of you who have yet to put your tree up I've found some lovely little decorations that may inspire some ideas for you (okay, I cheated with the Cath Kidston tealight holders but they're so cute and cheap I had to include them!)

From top left to bottom right: £14.99 at Tesco / £6 and £3.50 at Paperchase / £1.25 at John Lewis / £3.50 at Cath Kidston / £2.95 each at Dotcomgiftshop 

How do you guys decorate your tree? Do you prefer traditional Christmas decorations or a modern take?

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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