Sunday, 1 September 2013

Speak Out For Russia

Hi guys!

A quick post tonight as I just really wanted to spread the word with you all. On Tuesday 3rd September equality organisation All Out are calling for people all around the world to join hands and stand together against the homophobic laws recently put in place in Russia.

 Here's a brief description from the guys at All Out as to why we are taking part:
"Soon world leaders will meet President Putin in St Petersburg, Russia. It’s a massive opportunity for us to build the pressure. If we gather in our thousands just before the meeting, on Tuesday 3 Sept, we can push world leaders to ask President Putin to repeal the anti-gay law, face-to-face."
For those who are unaware of the horrific laws put in place in recent months, a law was passed in June outlawing 'homosexual propaganda.' In essence, the law states that it is now illegal to promote 'non-traditional sexual relations' to minors (sources here and here). Such horrific shaming and condeming of people just for who they are is unacceptable and we need to stand together and show our support for the people of Russia and our opposition to the law and to President Putin. In order to do this, we must put pressure on world leaders to challenge Putin and the anti-gay law and show him the world will not stand for such oppression.

If you have any compassion for the people of Russia and the effect such a law could have on their lives, or if you want to speak out for the rights of the LGBT community across the world, please attend a Speak Out event near you. To find an event near you, or to organise your own please visit the All Out page where you can also find the above posters to print out and spread the word.

If you would like to sign the petition please do so!

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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