Friday, 6 September 2013

Outfit Post - The Pink Tie-Dye Dress

Hi guys!

Pink Tie-Dye Dress - Primark / White Pumps - Primark

So this is just a really basic outfit that I just like to throw on on hot days when I can't be bothered deciding what to wear and, believe me, I am not making any claims of this being the new fashion statement of the century! The dress was originally a midi dress but as you can tell in the pictures, I have big hips and they really stand out when I wear a midi dress. However, like every other Tom, Dick and Harry on this planet I adore tie-dye and couldn't bring myself to leave this dress, so I ended up doing a bit of DIY and cutting it into a mini dress and I think it works so much better with my body shape!

As stated, I usually wear the dress on lazy days when I have to leave the house so I don't tend to play around with jewellery and shoes with the outfit. If I wanted to though, I would consider a black statement necklace which would stand out against the pink and would also succeed in dressing the outfit up a bit, especially if teamed with a pair black heels and a clutch.

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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