Saturday, 7 September 2013

Outfit Post - Black is the New Black


Fishnet Sleeved Black Peplum Top - Primark / Basic Black Leggings - Primark / Black Wedges - Primark

Gold Link Necklace - Miss Selfridge / Shamballa Bracelet - Gift / Other Bracelets - All Primark

In the words of Kanye West, "black is the new black." As you all know, I'm pretty obsessed with the shade, black. I credit this to various factors in my life, one of which being my mum. She has always mainly worn black for as long as I can remember, and rather than it being an homage to Queen Victoria in her widowing days, as a younger girl I always thought she looked incredibly - sorry, there's no other word for it - cool. I can't say this was the only way in which black was reinforced into my wardrobe, however and I won't deny that I did go through my 'emo' days. Though as I matured, so did my 'rocker' style of dress and this is where we end up today! With anything studded or spiked still making a cheeky appearance in my wardrobe, but instead of wearing them with bright hot pink leggings and the entire stock of Claire's Accessories in my hair, I now wear them with outfits slightly more subtle.

This top from Primark was an absolute bargain, reduced to just £5. I am a sucker for peplum tops (and in fact anything in a sale) and, of course a little bit of fishnet can't go wrong either! The gold link necklace from Miss Selfridge is absolutely perfect for this outfit as it stands out just enough without detracting too much from the simplicity of the outfit as a whole and also ties in with the other gold jewellery I own. Again, this black wedges are my old faithfuls and I could not have lived without them. They go with pretty much any outfit I stick them with and I have yet to tired of them!

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx


  1. Half of my wardrobe is literally black haha so no wonder I love your outfit!

  2. Love this Outfit, This year i have opted for black and white as my AW wardrobe!
    Claudia xx