Saturday, 31 August 2013

The University Guide - Special Freshers Post

Hi guys!

So September is upon us and to celebrate the imminent return to university, I thought I would make an essentials list of what to take/pack/buy for all you freshers out there! Basically, anything I have found particularly useful and essential during my first year at university. I will split the lists into clothing and household items, so you guys can get a clear picture of what you need.

Dress - Soulcal from Republic, Shirt - Matalan, Faux Litas - Ebay 
// Owl Necklace - Gift, Belt - Primark, Socks - Primark \\

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  1. Leggings, leggings, leggings: I cannot stress enough how badly you will need leggings during your first year of university. Even if you don't wear them too often now, trust me, when you've been out the night before on a social and you're hanging like a mother at half 7 in the morning because you have a 9am lecture, leggings will become your new best friend. The best thing about leggings is that they obviously are super comfortable but they go with anything so they are effortless to style. Patterned leggings go with plain coloured tops as do plain coloured leggings though these can also be easily styled with patterned tops. As long as you stock up on your basics you'll be happy as larry, which brings me to my next point;
  2. Plain T-shirts/Vests: I'm talking white, black, grey and your plain coloured tops (green, yellow, blue... any colour as long as it's plain). I may sound like a boring old frump but when you're too tired to spend even an ounce of energy on what to wear, plain coloured tops not only allow you to look chic but they require little to no consideration or planning behind putting them together in an outfit. 
  3. Shirts: Shirts, again are all about comfort (in case you haven't noticed yet, when you're a student comfort is seriously your number one priority). Not only will you be comfortable but by wearing a shirt you may actually go as far as to not feel like a hobo for all of 5 minutes. Teaming a shirt with a jumper will keep you warm during the A/W season while also giving you the preppy 'geek chic' look that is really cute and, for once will actually be fitting since you're now a legit book worm (or at least that's what you let people think)!
  4. Knitwear: Since most of the university term-time is spent during the A/W months and when you do eventually creep in to S/S you'll still be freezing your socks off (it is Britain, after all), you will definitely need to make sure you have your knitwear out and ready. Jumpers, cardigans, knitted tights, whatever will keep you warm and still looking good is absolutely essential. Though it's extremely likely you will skip a hell of a lot of your lectures when you're too hungover or it looks too cold to drag yourself out of your warm bed at unholy hours, there will be times (possibly when you get 3 letters of concern a week or 2 academic warnings) when regardless of your personal happiness, you will have to brave the cold and get to your lectures - and trust me, you will be thankful for your knitwear then! 
  5. Chelsea Boots: Now, I'm in love with Chelsea boots anyway, but it was during my time at university that I realised how much I cannot live without them. They make any outfit look smart, chic and they even make your legs look thinner due to the elasticated middle so what's not to love?! They keep your feet warm when it's colder and they just go with pretty much any outfit.
  6. A Coat - With a Hood! So I know I must sound painfully like your mother right now but I am not joking, you will need a coat with a hood. Unless I have just been graced with horrendously bad luck that causes all of my umbrellas to break, when it is raining and the wind is being unkind a hooded coat is the easiest thing to just stick on. And they really don't have to be unfashionable. Just today I saw a stunning coat in Primark with a dark green panel front and faux leather sleeves and hood. My coat for last year was a navy blue button up from New Look which I bought for £25, as far as I remember and it looked lovely on. Since small umbrellas tend to break all the time in the wind and the larger umbrellas find too bulky to take into lecture halls, a hooded coat really is the easiest option (especially if you don't want to embarrass yourself by shaking your umbrella off all over your potential new friends' faces...)
  7. Black Pumps: Sounds silly right? You wouldn't need a pair of these as a necessity right? Wrong. During your time as a fresher there will be plenty nights out and as you travel further along your little journey of clubbing more and more, your heel size will become less and less. This is where you will arrive at the haven that is the black pump. Black pumps are perfect for clubbing because they go so well with everything and even though they get dirty (trust me, they will get dirty), they won't get as filthy as a pair of white or light coloured pumps. There will also be loads of fancy dress nights in which a pair of black pumps will again be a godsend to just throw on. I can honestly say that I couldn't have lived without my babies from Primark this year (and they're only £3!) 
 photo household-items-uni_zps3e8912e4.png

Okay, so before I talk about household items it is probably a good time for me to warn all of you nervous freshers that I wasn't in halls during my first year of university. I actually got in via clearing and so, missed out on the accommodation my university had to offer so unfortunately I am not aware of any problems that arise during students' times in uni halls, so sorry about that! However, there are a good few things that I have found necessary while living on my own for the first time and while sharing a house with other people!
  1. Wash Bag (not really relevant to living in uni halls): A very easy thing to forget to buy when you're prepping for uni but it really is a necessity. Unless you want to be dropping your dirty lacies onto your housemates' heads when you're bringing your washing down the stairs, it is a good idea to carry it in a bag. And it doesn't stop at being useful for what it was designed for, your washing bag will become your battering ram to get to the washing machine. When you're living with 6 other people with a week's worth of dirty laundry there will be washing machine wars and your washing bag basically becomes a dog's wee. This bad boy will mark out your territory and claim the washing machine as yours. So don't forget to buy one!
  2. Beanie Bag: When you're pre-drinking before a night out and you realise you don't have enough places to sit, a beanie bag will come in so much use! I've experienced the pain of 'numb bum' far too many times for my liking this year when I've been unfortunate enough to pre-drink with someone who doesn't have a beanie bag to sit on (and no, cushions don't compare!). Especially if you or your housemates are smokers or if you're having a bbq in the S/S season, it really is nice to have a beanie bag to sit on outside. 
  3. A Pack of Playing Cards: You will be so screwed if you don't own a pack of playing cards at university. The amount of pre-drinking you'll be doing is insane and without a pack of cards you won't be able to play the majority of drinking games. Drinking games are amazing because (as mature cheddar as it sounds) they are an amazing ice breaker and help you get to know your housemates and new friends in such a funny way while also keeping everyone giggly and ready for the night ahead. 
  4. Dry Shampoo: Okay, so this is mainly for lazy people or people with thick hair. I am blessed with rather thick hair and while I love it, it is a nightmare for me because my hair takes approx. 2-3 hours to dry (I don't use a hairdryer because it ruins my hair). So when you're too hungover to consider a shower, or even just too tired and you think it can wait until after your lectures (and after you've had a bit more sleep) dry shampoo is an absolute life saver.
  5. Febreeze: Likewise, and as gross as it may sound, a clothes air freshener will become an absolute essential for you. There will be times when you realise you haven't done your washing for 2 weeks and you've pretty much ran out of clothes, and there will be times when you don't want to go out the house in that raggy jumper you've had since you were 14 but can't bear to throw away because it's just so comfy, and these are the days when Febreeze will become your new arm. 
  6. Clothes Horse: Airer, clothes horse, clothes maiden, whatever you call it - you will need it! You don't half take this piece of equipment for granted when you live at home but when you're sharing a space with a lot of other people and you're all battling for places to dry your clothes, it is the easiest thing in the world to have one of these in your room to stick your wet clothes on until they're dry (it also acts as a pretty decent coat hook when you're being lazy). 

  • Ensure you own some baggy and comfortable clothes. These will be like heaven when you're hungover and tired
  • Keep in mind that you will probably be doing a lot of pre-drinking so you need to consider the amount of people coming round to yours (think cups, straws, places to sit etc.)
  • Assume you are going to be unclean for the next 10 months and make sure you own things that will make you look - and smell - presentable in a last minute emergency.

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I'm starting uni this October and am really looking forward to/ nervous for freshers week! I was unsure as to what to bring to uni and this post has really helped. I am really glad to have found your blog!


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    1. Ahhh I'm so glad it helped! Thank you! You are going to have a wonderful time so look forward to it and stop being nervous! :) xx