Thursday, 15 August 2013

High Street Shopping Spree - H&M

Hi there!

It's taken me a while to update but honestly not for any reason other than I've just been so blood tired! With working and preparing for resits I've been nackered. Finally managed to get a lie-in today though and while I was lying on the sofa doing anything but revising I figured I should maybe get round to writing this post! haha.

As I've either been in work clothes or in my comfy clothes I haven't had much time to do any outfit posts so what I've done instead is something similar to my last post in which I post items I've seen around the high street that I really like and how much they currently are in store. This time I visited H&M and had a nosey around the clothes.

I generally find that I end up buying all my smart casual wear from H&M. They are also my one-stop shop for casual items such a plain tops, skirts, dresses etc and as I've stated before, due to my style being very plain, H&M really is one of my favourite stores as I can get pretty much everything I love to wear here.
So, the first picture is a very casual outfit. The skirt is actually a midi skirt but I thought with the baggy black tee that it would look better shorter so I rolled it up. Of course it would also look lovely as a midi skirt as well and I think the colour looks lovely with black which makes it an added bonus for me! Baggy clothes tend to be my favourite because I have a lot of 'fat days' when I feel awfully bloated and just want to be comfortable but also look nice. Tops like this black one really fit the bill when I'm in one of these moods and I don't think I ever have enough of them haha.

Now, the sleeveless jacket in picture 2 is absolutely stunning and I mean I can't stress that enough as the picture really doesn't do it justice. I will be investing in this next time I get paid. It look lovely as it is but would also look equally as gorgeous with a jumper or jacket underneath it during the colder months. It's an incredibly chic looking jacket which I imagine will look amazing with a pair of leggings. Like I said, I am not letting this bad boy go and I will definitely be purchasing this asap!
This is one of those perfect smart outfits I come across in H&M a lot of the time. I actually bought the black dress as I loved the fit and the style of it; I find flowy dresses are very smart looking while also adding a cute, fun twist. The material of the dress is incredibly soft and feels amazing on and the zip just gives it that extra roughed-up touch (and we all know how much I love anything with unnecessary zips!) And if the black didn't look amazing on its own it goes above and beyond with this adorable white blazer which makes the whole outfit incredibly smart.

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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