Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Date Night!


So I went on a lovely little date last night with my boyfriend. We went to La Tasca cause I went there for Father's Day and loved it and told my boyfriend he needed to try it out. We both ordered a paella (he order a fish one cause he's a filthy meat eater! Haha). Mine was just as nice as I remember but last time I only tried a bit of my sister's and didn't realise just how greasy and oily the dish actually is so this time I ended up feeling really sick for the rest of the night. I'm sure it's fine for people who consume a lot of oil or greasy foods in their diet but it really didn't agree with me. Next time I think we'll get one to share, or I might just stick to tapas and get salads and a few smaller things as they seem to agree with my constitution some more. Have you guys been to La Tasca? What are your favourite meals there? 

Anyway here's what I wore: 

The shirt is from Primark for a steal of £10. I'd actually bought a very similar one in the H&M sale with gold detail on the shoulders but had to return it as I neede the money at the time. I spotted this one in Primark a few weeks ago and I'd been eyeing it up until I had the money to buy it. It's a gorgeous shirt with a lovely soft satiny feel and looks stunning with a pair of leggings for a smart casual look. 

The skirt is from H&M (again I bought it in the sale for a mere £7). It's a thick and quality made skirt so it has a lot of shape to it and looks gorgeous for smart wear as well as cute with a black cameo vest and pumps during the day time. 

The bag and shoes are both from Primark. I picked the bag up the other day since it was only £4 and I thought it was a really nice smart-ish looking item. I bought the shoes during Primark's S/S 2012 season and as far as I remember they were about £10. Primark's heel collection has actually gone down dramatically in my eyes which is a shame as they used to make really cute heels and wedges whereas these days I have to rely pretty much solely on New Look for nice shoes in my price range. 

Anyway, I'm actually currently preparing for my resits and chilling in my new living room with a glass of wine (yay!) So I'll catch up with you all in my next blog post which I will be focusing on bags, bags, bags!

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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