Tuesday, 2 July 2013

You're My Constellation

Hi guys!

So I've had a few boring days because I've been working and haven't had much time (or money) to go and shop so I've decided to show you some items I got from my huge Primark haul a few weeks ago :) 

Firstly, I'd like to mention a tweet I made a few weeks ago: "how many crop tops can I buy before realising I own too many crop tops". It's so true, my wardrobe is full of them. These two make no exception and I fell in love with them completely :) I LOVE the 80s style print on the one on the left and you can never go wrong with a plain t-shirt crop too :) I wear them with high-waisted leggings and black wedges to go out or with pumps during the day. 

Next, I bought these two midi skirts. I am a huge fan of midi skirts because they are perfect for our crazy British weather and look extremely sophisticated while being amazingly comfortable! I wear them with pumps and a black t-shirt during the day. I have yet to wear them in the evening as I think I'd feel too restricted when I was going clubbing (mainly because I fall over a lot!) 

Finally, this beautiful white dress is perfect for any summer parties that might come up. It's so comfortable to wear and looks really elegant and beautiful. The brown belt gives it the perfect dashing of colour. I have yet to wear it so I don't know if/how I would add any jewellery but I will update you! 

In other news, I've even waiting for my boyfriend to get back from Glastonbury where he's been working for a week. But I finally got him back yesterday and I'm actually off to meet him from work and go for a drink. 

I shall post again soon my lovelies :) 

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx 

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