Thursday, 25 July 2013

Virtus Non Stemma


So I've had a lovely two days off work and a very eventful past week! I've luckily managed to find an amazing house for this year at univeristy! Me and two of my current housemates are moving in next week so we're really really excited!

I had a lovely day with my boyfriend - we finally went into Chester Cathedral after having a lovely little picnic on the grounds and it was everything I expected and more! I am fascinated by medieval history and especially medieval and religious architecture and it did not disappoint! And since the cathedral has been standing since the 11th Century it really is an amazing piece of changing and adapting architecture and history.

It's like Hogwarts! 

So I've also been looking how to decorate my new room and I've gotten really, really, really excited. I actually love decorating new things as it gives me a chance to get my creative side out as opposed to focusing it all on fashion and my wardrobe haha! So I've picked this bedcover out and I think it will look really nice in room:

I've been trying desperately not to spend all my wages on homeware haha! Do you guys know any good places I can get cute bedroom ware? I mean cushions, bins, lights, lamps, ornaments... anything!

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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