Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer Sunshine


I am absolutely horrendous at updating this blog, I know! I do have the rare excuse that I've been enjoying this wonderful weather though so you can't be too mad at me ;)

So I've been wandering round town as per usual and spending money I don't have! Had an amazing gander at all the yummy fatty foods in tesco the other day and couldn't resist buying some cream cakes to eat with a cuppa while I was reading Company and watching Come Dine With Me (what can I say, I can multitask!) 

They're all too yummy to leave :(

I also went to my friend's 21st the other day and picked up some godsent shoe cushions from Primark! They're really useful for a night out, especially when you've been on your feet working for 3 days straight! They're obviously not amazing (coming at £2 a pair) but they really do make a noticeable difference, even if it only lasts one night. 

And as well as this my amazing boyfriend and I also bought a really beautiful outfit from Ann Summers. They have an amazing sale on at the minute and you really should go and check it out! Babydolls, corsets, suspenders skirts, chemises are all on offer at the minute and if you're not into that sort of thing there's a ton of beautiful underwear on sale too! 

So that's what I've been up to for the past few days. Let me know if you go to/have been to the Ann Summers sale and tell us what you think!! 

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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