Saturday, 27 July 2013

Outfit Post - The Summer Leggings

Hi there!

So I'm actually blogging on the go again as I'm currently in work - again! Haha. So I'm soooo excited that I'm finally moving into my new home on Thursday!! Words seriously cannot express how anxious I am to move out and get a new room, new housemates, an actual nice living room and - wait for it - a dining table!!! I am stupidly excited to finally be able to sit down and have a proper meal with my housemates :) 

Anyway, this outfit post is focusing on summer leggings, or put more simply, colourful leggings. As my winter wardrobe consists purely of black and white (the odd dash of colour being a dark green or blue), my summer wardrobe allows for more colour to escape. 

Coloured leggings are a massive favourite for me in the summer (obviously when it's not as hot as it is right now!) I think everyone's noticed how much I live by my simple white pumps when it's hot (I'm not a big fan of sandles or dollie shoes at all), and I find that coloured leggings look amazing with them!

I bought these bright pink and black patterned Miso leggings from Republic in the sale and I fell in love with them instantly. And what more can I ask for an outfit that one with which I can wear a crop top? :D 

What's your guys' favourite items to wear in the summer? 

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx

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