Monday, 15 July 2013

Outfit Post - The Crop Top


So I've been working like a mad woman all weekend and have actually spent the whole of today in bed. I have absolutely no shame about this and the fact that I have only just come out of the shower (mainly because it resulted in my boyfriend making me breakfast in bed while I watched Time Team so I can't complain really).

So as we all know, the weather has been gorgeous and has allowed me to comfortably get my beloved crop tops out for something other than clubbing which I'm over the moon about - for those of you who don't know, saying I have a slight obsession with crop tops is a huge understatement.

Black vest-dress: Primark
Orange crop top: Primark
White pumps: Primark
Detail Necklace: Rainforest (a small shop in Chester)
Bracelets and Eagle Necklace: Primark

So this is actually an outfit I bought the day before wearing it (bar my beloved white pumps). It's obviously a basic summer outfit but I have, of course, added my 90s twist to it by wearing a neon orange crop top underneath a black vest-dress. The outfit looked equally as good with a black belt tied round the waist, the only reason I didn't wear one being that it was just too goddamn hot!

Primark's collection of crop tops at the moment is actually quite impressive. I've already purchased a black cropped tee, the neon orange cropped vest featured in the picture and a white cropped turtle neck vest - all at £3 or less!

So if you're into your crop tops like I am then you seriously need to visit! Of course, most high street stores are stocking up on their crops for S/S 2013 but my current favourites for them are Primark and New Look for your plain, staple types at bargain prices.

Catch you soon, lovelies!

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx