Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Oh gosh, guys. I'm so awful at updating, I know!

I honestly meant to update as soon as college was over but I was so busy with night outs and therefore travelling to my friend's house and back home (we're spread out all over North Wales) that I didn't get a chance. I also spent the last week at my boyfriend's house and I got so addicted to Skyrim I didn't bother with anything else. I'm useless, I know but it's so good lol!

I did have a lovely day in Chester the other day though and bought a few new items which I'll post below along with a few other items I've been buying off Ebay.

The Olmypic Torch did it's rounds of my local area last Tuesday, which was interesting for most people but I wasn't really bothered about it. I find it hard to enjoy the Olympics when it's causing our police to go uber-paranoid of non-existent terrorists.

The Diamond Jubilee is also here so there have been lots of street parties happening which has been nice since the community has been getting together. Again, though, not really my scene (total anti-monarchy gal right here) not least since the Tories are treating our citizens on job seekers and benefits like they're slaves so that the Jubilee celebrations in London could go ahead with unpaid labour (read the article here).

Anyway (political rant over). Here are the few items I've picked up in the past week:

I absolutely adore this dress. It's originally Miss Selfridge and I got it from Ebay the other day. I spied it on my friend a few months back and fell in love so when I saw it on Ebay I jumped at it! I just love the colours and the pattern and the mesh insert and eurgh it's just so beautiful! Love, love, love this item! 
I'm planning on wearing this for going out with a pair of black heels.

Again, I got this little number from Ebay. It's a Motel dress and I just really liked the triangle pattern and the stripes across the bust area. I don't usually like purple at all but something about this dress poked out at me. It's just so... 80's! And it's super comfy to wear!
I'm also planning on wearing this when going out with a pair of black heels :)

I picked this top up in H&M the other day mainly because my boyfriend persuaded me to get it (he really liked it) and because The Blue Album is one of my favourite compilations (along with The Red Album) :) It just looked so summery when I tried it on and I've already worn it with denim shorts and white pumps and also with a black bodycon skirt, tights, white pumps and a denim jacket. 
It's extremely versatile and very pretty.

This plain black vest I also got from H&M mainly because I've really wanted one for a while. It goes well with pretty much anything; jeans, any coloured skirt (bodycon, skater etc), shorts... pretty much anything! It was just an essential piece missing from my wardrobe and I'm glad I have it now!

Again, this was from H&M and I just really, really liked the skull on the front - รจ molto me! This, again, is a top that goes with most outfits.

I got this gorgeous little dress off Ebay the other day. It's originally from Primark and I liked it, at the very least because I'm obsessed with white chiffony material, but also because I loved the collar and button-up shirt style of the top of the dress. I haven't yet worn it but I'm thinking of wearing it with any jumpers or leather jacket when a bit cooler or with a denim jacket when warmer. It would also go nicely with a waist belt and would pretty much go with any shoes! 

So there you go: my latest pick-ups! And I love them all!

Gosh, this has been a really long post! Anyway, what do you think of my new buys? How would you wear them?

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx


  1. Lovely bits you picked up :) I really like the white dress

    Tanesha x

  2. I can't believe that white dress is a Primark!! I never find anything of interest (apart from jewelry!) when I go in there!

    1. Same for me! I always find nicer Primark stuff on Ebay so I'd definitely suggest prowling on there for nice clothes!

  3. I love the triangle print dress and the skull top, you have fabulous style :)


  4. I must say, PERFECT it is! Thank you for your wonderful collection.