Sunday, 10 June 2012

Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

Hey guys.

So I just returned home from my dad's house to find more packages from Ebay for me. Yay!

I got this lovely blue and white striped shirt (originally from H&M). It's a size 12 because I wanted a larger one (I'm a size 8), preferably large enough to be a dress but this one was unfortunately not that long. I still really love the shirt and think it'll look lovely with the denim shorts (mutilated charity shop jeans) and pumps (Primark) I've shown in the picture!

I also received these pair of raspberry pink tights. I never usually wear coloured tights and to be honest, there's not much colour in my wardrobe as I tend to wear a lot of blacks, greys and whites. However, I thought I'd give these a try but I haven't yet decided what to wear them with yet... any ideas?

Now, I have a little dilemma that I would just lurrrve someone to solve for me. I first tried Benefit Hello Flawless foundation on in Debenhams the other week and since then I've been trying desperately (and failing miserably) to get my hands on it from Ebay. So I'm sending out a distress call to anyone who can help in pointing me in the direction of a second hand one (preferably in 'used once' condition or 'new' as an unwanted gift or something)?

I'll be waiting pathetically for your replies.

Much love and Peace.
Natalie xx


  1. That shirt is pretty, shame it's not long enough thought, I think shirt dresses are lovely! You could pair the bright pink tights with just a black dress or skirt! :)

    Julia xx

    1. I know! I think they're so comfortable! Yeah I was thinking just wearing them with something simple. Thanks! :)

      Natalie xx