Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The First Thing You Should Know About Me Is That I'm a Whore


Quick post as I'm awfully ill today and I really just wanna vegetate.

So I got another package in the post - my new bag! I swear I don't usually shop this much and I'm not as manic as I may seem. I practically bought all these items in one go from Ebay but they've all arrived at different times and shizz and basically I'm just trying to say I ain't a crazy bitch. Anyway, here's the bag:

It's originally from Primark and it's very simple but I just really like it and I really don't own many bags (like two and I only really use one) so I figured I wasn't being too indulgent with this. (Also, I don't know why my arm looks so freckly... I don't even have freckles).

I also sold a pair of high-waisted shorts today! So I'm a little bit more 'up' in the dolla department, which is never a bad thing and makes me feel better about spending £30 on Skyrim last night. I'm just really, really obsessed with it after playing a bit at my boyfriend's house and I've already stuck the map of Skyrim that comes with the game up on my wall :3

Blog about new bag - tick!
Talk utter nonsense and let everyone know you're a total dork - tick!

So now I deserve a little (I use this lightly) treat after doing day 2 of the 30 Day Shred despite being on my death bed:

I know... It's probably not the healthiest treat in the world but I'm not complaining right now! Also, excuse the rip. Besides, I borrowed the DVDs from my sister so I'm not even the scruffy one!

Much Love and Peace
Natalie xx


  1. Ooh that bag is lovely! I really like your dress too. And I love that show, it's so funny! And doesn't she dress the best too? xxx

    1. Thank you! I know... it's one of my favourite shows :') Her outfits in Season 4 are so nice! Especially the jewellery she wears! xx

  2. I've only just started ebay buying but have finally succumbed and had four packages delivered recently, lol, addictive much?!!!!

  3. LOVE secret show ever.

    1. It really is! Bambi and Byron are my fave people everrrr! :) xx